Mama Mo, ECQ! Top 3 Tips from the Super Moms of Manila (who took over our Metro Billboards)

Mama Mo, ECQ! Top 3 Tips from the Super Moms of Manila (who took over our Metro Billboards)

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But to keep that village healthy and steady – quarantined at that – you bet it’s gonna take a super mom.

Let us take a peek into the moms whose faces are now in various HDI billboards across the Metro, their mom-numental tasks as an all-around queen, their mindset in fighting home wars while channeling their inner Meryl Streep, and how they creatively balance glamour with ECQ productivity.

Tip #1: Do not be the first one to panic.

Things can easily spread fear and anxiety in the home, especially when everybody is consuming so much digital information with very little tools to rapidly filter it. So can moms know and respond best?

“Moms set the tone in the house. Equip yourself with factual information, not fake news!” says Tricia Amper Jimenez, a seasoned musical theater actress who took lead roles in hits like “Magsimula Ka” and “Bongbong at Kris.  “That way, you can can protect yourself, each member of your family, and even your kasambahays.” Tricia has four boys with renowned mediapreneur, Butch Jimenez

Tip #2:  Kids do not want a perfect mom – just a happy mom who is there for them.

While moms want to be the best and perfect, it’s actually their presence that matters more than anything else.

“A mom who is present is quick to see opportunities where the child is allowed to shine. Praise their work. Let them know how pleased and happy you are with their contributions. And have fun with them!,” says Stella Sy, mom of two girls and two boys, and a business development and marketing consultant for the UCC Group and Vikings Food Group. “Allow them to see your weakness also so they can be comfortable around you.”

Tip #3: Be kind and generous to the couriers who deliver your goodies.

You have been shopping more frequently this lockdown than you ever did before. It wouldn’t hurt to be considerate the guy who always turn up at your gate, rain or shine.

“They not only make your life so much easier in this pandemic, they risk their health and safety so you don’t have to risk yours,” says Aleli Salazar, the manager of the multi-awarded chorale, the Ateneo Chamber Singers, and a mom of two.

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